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Originally a few beer swilling bikers, who also happened to be ex or serving members of her Majesty’s Royal Marines decided there was a need to further their passion for riding and started looking into the possibility of joining a local MCC club.

At this time although other MCC’s were already established and indeed great clubs with similar ideas, there was something missing, it soon became apparent that the former camaraderie of our previous military environment and banter was AWOL.

It was decided that to keep our esprit de corps going we would have no choice but to form our own MCC!

To add to this our founder members father was an Ex-Paratrooper, despite the natural (humorous) loathing between both Marines and Para’s there is also a unique bond! (Brothers In Arms) It was a natural decision to have an MCC that combined both Royal Marines and the Parachute Regiment!

After much discussion and searching our founder fell upon the name “INVICTUS” after looking at its meaning “unconquered” it was decided we had found our clubs name!

INVICTUS MCC Made up from both: Royal Marines and Parachute Regiment Riders, was born in 2012 and had their first meeting on Friday the 31st of August, in Sunderland.

With members from across the UK and  in Europe, the club is growing from strength to strength. We attend rallies and events throughout Europe!

SO if you wear either cap badge (Regular or Reserve) and want to be part of a unique club contact us or apply via the link above, you will be contacted ASAP.

Please note! if you are not known by a current club member, documentary evidence proving service will be required!